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Called to Be Neighbors and click now viagra buy germany Witnesses (booklet)
A statement of The United Methodist Church on interreligious relations approved by the 2008 General Conference.

Building a Relationship UMC-ELCA: Best Practices
This booklet gives specific examples of members of both the the best site ELCA and TUMC doing ecumenical work and also delineates best practices of building ecumenical relationships.

Confessing Our Faith Together: Study and Discussion Guide
This is for a guide for use by members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and The United Methodist Church (UMC) as they enter into full communion. The two communions are considering the implications of full communion for national and regional expressions of the church. As congregations are a primary place for carrying out the church's mission and ministry, it is among congregations of the ELCA and UMC that full communion will be expressed in its most fundamental sense. This study and discussion guide is meant to encourage congregational participation and feedback in period of interim Eucharistic sharing.


Living and www.marie-curie-gymnasium-dallgow.de Growing in Full Communion

This paper provides a model for local celebration, formation and theological reflection.


Guidelines for Interfaith Dialogue (brochure)
A guide that helps us understand the role of dialogue in building relationships with all God's people around the world.


Basic Facts About Islam (brochure)


Truth and Wholeness (study guide)
A study guide for the leader of a group discussion on white privilege to be used with the low cost canadian viagra expert DVD.

Methodist-Catholic DialoguesThirty Years of Mission and Witness (booklet)
An overview of 30 years of dialogue between the UMC and the RCC, printed in 2001.


God's Ecumenical Ministry Shared

A manual for persons involved in Ecumenical Shared Ministry


Resources That May Be Ordered


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Make Us One With Christ: The Study Guide Version (study guide)
A study guide of the report on the bilateral dialogue between UMC and the Episcopal Church as we live in the period of Interim Eucharistic Sharing inaugurated in 2006
ISBN: 9780979239106, $2.95/copy

Called to be Neighbors and Witnesses (pamphlet)
A statement of The United Methodist Church on interfaith relations approved by the 2000 General Conference
ISBN: X529295, Free

Methodist-Catholic Dialogues Thirty Years of Mission and Witness (booklet)
An overview of 30 years of dialogue between the UMC and RCC, printed in 2001.
ISBN: X529319, Free

Steps Toward Wholeness: Learning and Repentance (study guide)
A study guide for United Methodist congregations in preparation for an Act of Repentance for racism and Pan Methodist conversations on union
ISBN: 9782995200108, $2.00/copy

The Ecumenical Implications of the Discussions of "The Global Nature of The United Methodist Church" (booklet)
Statement and http://thelyonfirm.com/buy-internet-diovan papers from the Consultation on the Ecumenical Implications of the Discussions of "The Global Nature of the UMC" in 1998
ISBN: X527112, $2.00/copy

Truth and Wholeness

Discussion of white privilege including definitions and common questions
ISBN: X530491, $3.00/copy


By Water and the Spirit: Making Connections for Identity and Ministry (study guide and text)

An official statement of baptism, adopted by the 1996 General Conference.

ISBN: 9780881772012, $12.00/copy


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Can We Talk? Christian Conversations About Homosexuality (DVD)
Features two DVDs containing hours of presentations and personal stories and a CD filled with a wealth of materials designed to get church members talking in a productive and www.hospiceofmiamicounty.org respectful manner about homosexuality and the church


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